Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Spay and Neuter Clinic.

Rosa , a long time volunteer with Mayan Families holds a little puppy that she found the previous night. We were able to arrange to have the puppy fostered and hope that she will be able to find a home. She was so thin and scared.
  This little puppy felt much better after getting some food and affection.
  Many children brought their pets to be spayed and neutered .
This is one of the 10 dogs that we brought down from San Andres.

We held our monthly free and low cost Spay and Neuter clinic on Saturday 25th. The clinics are free to everyone who cannot afford to pay and we ask whatever donation people can afford to pay. We receive very few donations and we need to subsidize these operations by donations, usually from the U.S. or Canada.
We had four doctors and three students come to help from San Juan University. Also there was a visiting veterinarian from Spain who helped out and a representative from the McKee foundation, Edgar. He is very anxious to try and get more spay and neuter clinics happening and he was pleased to see how ours was so well responded to by the general public.

If anyone has visited Guatemala and has a heart for animals, they will have been appalled and horrified by how dogs and cats have to suffer. We are trying the best way we know how to relieve this suffering, we spay and neuter as many dogs and cats we can to help reduce the unwanted population of animals. We also run feeding stations in the street to feed unwanted and homeless dogs.

We beg you, if you have a heart for animals, please consider donating $20 US to be able to cover the spay or neuter of one dog or cat.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chui Manzana.

Yesterday while visiting a family who needs medical care , Debbie, a volunteer with Mayan Families walked around the back of this house and found this pitiful little boy.

Debbie unused to seeing animals in this condition told me that she thought the dog was dying. After going to look at him, I told her, that he was not dying from an illness, he was just tied up and not being fed.

The poor dog, only a young one was so scared he was trembling from us just being near him. He was tied up on a very short rope.

I told the family that we would try to find help for them but that also included looking after the dog.

We asked them to immediately change the string that he was tied up on for a much longer one.

The owner said that the dog doesn't want to eat. We went to the nearby store and bought bread for the dog, he tore into it.

The owner said that she can't afford to buy bread for the dog. She can't afford to buy bread for her children. I told her that I understood that and that we were not asking her to buy bread for the dog.

She came to Mayan Families later in the afternoon and we are trying to find sponsorship for her children and her sister's two orphaned children.

We gave her a big bag of dried dog food and told her that we want her to feed the dog and when we come back , we hope that he will look a lot better.

It is a hard life for the people but it is a terrible life for the animals. To be tied up and starved to death is a horrible way to die.

We tried to explain to the family that this dog has a lot of benefits and will help keep their property safe but he has to also have some food.

Most dogs on get a few tortillas to live on if they are lucky.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Xela finds a home!

Xela was lucky and found a home today! Xela had been a guard dog at a cement factory, they closed the factory but left Xela tied up . She finally managed to escape and we found her dragging her chain behind her, she was just skin and bone. If she hadn't managed to get herself free, she surely would not have lasted many more days.

We had her spayed and vaccinated, she is now healthy and has a great body of fur. She is a very loving and affectionate dog.

We are so happy she has found a family to love her.
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