Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rescued kittens.

Our 14yr old daughter, Zoe found this little kitten on the road. It was just about to be run over.
She brought it home and we bathed its little eyes, fed it a little milk.
Zoe went back down and found a second little kitten in almost the same area, she brought this one home, it had one eye hanging out. We sent them both to the vet. Miguel.
He had to put the second one down and is hoping that the first one, though blind in one eye, may survive.
Zoe and her father then went back to the same area and found yet another little kitten , in worse shape than the first two. This one had no eyes. The vet. Miguel later told us that someone had to have gouged these eyes out.

We will go back to the area tomorrow and try and find the home that these kittens were living in. We will talk to whoever lives there and find out who would do such a thing. There is not much that can be done but we will do all that we can to make sure that people know that this is not something that should be allowed or tolerated.

Our spay and neuter clinic is on Saturday. Spaying and Neutering is the best way we know to prevent more animals suffering. That and education ......we hold classes several times a week at the schools talking to children about the way animals need to be treated.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dog from Tierra Linda.

This lady from Tierra Linda brought her dog down the mountain with a piece of string today.
She heard that we are having the spay and neuter clinic on Saturday and wanted to make sure that her female dog could be spayed.

She is a little early but we are so glad that she wanted to have the dog operated that we have taken the dog, given her a good meal and tomorrow we will operate on her. She will be able to go back up the mountain on Friday.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bassett hound.

Yesterday, we rescued a 4 yr old male Bassett Hound that had been in a cage that was too small for him to turn around. He had been in this cage for more than 2 months.
He was in a pet store in Chimalatenango. His cage had two other wire cages above him full of dogs . All the urine and feces came down on top of him.

Unfortunately, we had to purchase this dog to get him out of such a horrible situation. Not something that we like to do but several people were able to put in money to rescue him and we found him a good home to go to.

We have had an animal activist group go to the pet store, they took photos and they are now hoping that they will be able to take some legal action against the pet store.

We are also picking up three kittens from this store, nobody wants them and we at least will be able to spay and neuter them before we find homes for them.

Our next spay and neuter clinic will be held on the last Saturday of this month, August 29th.
We hope to be able to spay and neuter at least 35 dogs and cats. Please help us with even the smallest donation, it will make a great difference to be able to keep this program running.

It is the only action we can take to help relieve the suffering of the animals here. This and education but education will take some time. We are working on that. Every week we are holding Humane Education classes in the schools. But we need to be able to take immediate action to help the enormous suffering of the animals here. Spaying and neutering is an immediate solution to reduce the overpopulation of animals.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paulina and her dog, Negra

Paolina is an indigenous woman who lives in Panajachel. She has a wonderful heart for animals. Mayan Families gave her this dog that we had found. This dog was homeless, sick and hungry. We spayed her and while doing so found that she had a big tumor. We removed the tumor and this lucky dog went home to live with Paolina.

Paolina talks to her dog, Negra and Negra just adores Paolina.

We wish that all our homeless dogs could find such a loving home!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009