Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cat back home in Solola, Guatemala.

This feral cat was released today back in Solola. She had three newborn kittens in one of the govt. offices and they were going to throw the kittens in the street and poison the mama cat. Fortunately, the secretary is an animal lover and called us to help save the kittens. We picked up the kittens and the next day went back with a feral trap and caught the mother.
She has quite the story to tell the other cats now. How she was kidnapped by aliens, they stole her babies when they were six weeks old ( we were lucky to find homes for the three kittens....two with Peace corp people) and how she was fed strange food ( canned cat food and dried cat food. ) , then she was operated on so that there would be no more kittens and then transported in a strange contraption back to where we found her. She was so wild that I never really saw what she looked like but Joel and Samuel told me that when they opened the cage door, she ran out fast and didn't look back!Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cristina falls in love!

10 days ago while riding in a tuk tuk I saw this tiny little puppy shivering on the side of the road. She had obviously been dumped there and she was just terrified. I stopped the tuk tuk and picked her up.
I had an appointment to get to and saw fellow animal lover, Cristina on the street. I asked her if she would mind this little puppy for me for a few hours. Well........Cristina fell in love with this little shivering puppy and they now go everywhere together.
This puppy was lucky but we have so many more who aren't. This is why we do the spay and neuter clinics every month so that there will be less puppies abandoned to suffer on the street. It costs just $20 US for us to spay or neuter an animal.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toulouse and Charlie.

Toulouse, one of the cats that we raised by hand and bottle fed after he was thrown into the trash can when he was just a day old....is returning the favour and caring for a new little kitten, Charlie, who was found abandoned on the main street. Charlie is a real character, his markings give him a moustache and beard. He is available for adoption if anyone would love to have a beautiful little kitten with a ton of character.
Our animal spay and neuter clinic is held once a month and we are always glad when cats are brought into be sterilized. We have seen so many little kittens tossed in the trash or thrown onto the street.
It is just $20US to sponsor an animal to be spayed or neutered and it stops a lot of future suffering.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog rescue.....

This poor dog was chained to the fence and left all day on the street. He had nothing to eat or drink. He was first spotted around 8.am. but he would not let anyone get near him to unchain him. Eventually, we received a call for help and Dwight went down around 4pm. to try and get him released. Dwight and Samuel were able to use the capture pole to secure him while they unchained him from the fence. Unfortunately, they could not get the chain off him and he left running, still draggin the chain after him. Someone had deliberately chained him to the fence on the street. It was not a private house, it was a vacant lot. We wish him luck on the streets.

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