Monday, November 30, 2009

Louie and Brownie.

Our daughter, Zoe with Louie , the one eyed cat and Brownie , a little puppy that was rescued off the road, late at night. It was a very cold night and little Brownie probably would not have survived the night alone.
Brownie is a very cute little girl and we are looking for a home for her.
Louie is a kitten that Zoe picked up in the pouring rain, he had two other siblings . The two siblings had already lost their eyes to conjunctivitis. We had to put them down. Louie lost one eye but his other eye is doing very well. Anyone want a beautiful black and white, one eyed kitten ?
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Little Brown puppy.

This puppy had been found by its owner in a plastic bag in the trash can.
The little girl brought it home but the family being very poor did not have enough money to feed it.
We saw the puppy, heard the story and donated food to the family to give to the puppy.
They are hoping that we can vaccinate the little puppy and will be able to continue giving him food until he is stronger.

Any donations towards the animal project, Hope for the Animals help the animals in the highlands in Guatemala is very gratefully received!

It is just $20 US to spay and neuter a dog or cat so that this kind of suffering does not continue.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mayan Families releases injured dog.

This big black, fluffy dog was released yesterday afternoon on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. He was injured last Saturday when a heavy pole fell down on him. We were afraid he had spinal injuries. He was unable to move.

But after receiving treatment from the vet. Miguel de Leon, and kept at the clinic for five days, he is now back moving, no longer appearing to be in pain, he has been neutered and we released him back where he was found.

We gave him a meal of dried dog food before leaving him where we had picked him up.

He has the feel of a dog that probably has a home somewhere. I hope he does. He is a lovely boy who was very happy to be free again.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Injured dog.

Saturday afternoon we received a call that there was an injured dog at the lakeside. He was unable to move. Carlos and Roberto from Mayan Families went down to pick him up.
We found out that he had been hit by a falling pole. We were concerned that he had spinal injuries .

After taking him to Dr. Miguel de Leon's veterinarian clinic, we found that he did not have any broken bones or permanent damage but was in a lot of pain and shock. We have had him at the vet . clinic since and he will be able to be released today.

We don't know if he has an owner but at least he will be released back on the street in better condition. He will be neutered and has been fed for the past few days.

His beautiful sad face speaks volumes about how hard life is on the street for a dog.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Andre, a young male dog from San Andres was found on the street. Berta, who works for Mayan Families thought he had been hit in the eye. But Andre had an eye infection that is now caused a lot of damage to his eye.

We have been putting drops in his eyes getting him ready for his surgery. He will have to have the eye removed this coming week. We will also neuter him and vaccinate him. After that , unfortunately, we will have to put him back on the street. We just don't have any homes for him and we don't have the space to keep him.

Andre is not happy about being here and has been crying for days. He is a very mellow boy and we hope that he will be in much better shape when he leaves here.

We need just $50 US to be able to cover his medical needs.
Please help us to help him.

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