Saturday, November 7, 2009


Andre, a young male dog from San Andres was found on the street. Berta, who works for Mayan Families thought he had been hit in the eye. But Andre had an eye infection that is now caused a lot of damage to his eye.

We have been putting drops in his eyes getting him ready for his surgery. He will have to have the eye removed this coming week. We will also neuter him and vaccinate him. After that , unfortunately, we will have to put him back on the street. We just don't have any homes for him and we don't have the space to keep him.

Andre is not happy about being here and has been crying for days. He is a very mellow boy and we hope that he will be in much better shape when he leaves here.

We need just $50 US to be able to cover his medical needs.
Please help us to help him.

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