Sunday, October 25, 2009

September spay and neuter clinic i

On the last Saturday of every month, we hold a spay and neuter clinic.
We do this at the clinic of Dr. Miguel de Leon , Clinic Mascota Zoo in Panajachel, Guatemala.
It is open to everyone to bring along their dog or cat to be spayed or neutered.
We have dogs and cats come from Panajachel but also the neighboring villages.
Animals arrive in all sorts of ways, carried in a flour bag, wrapped in towels, tied up in the back of pick ups.

For the September clinic we were very lucky to have Susan volunteer with us. Susan is visiting from the U.S. and she brought along her student, Marla who she sponsors through Mayan Families.

Marla wants to be a vet. when she grows up and this was a great experience for her.

This clinic we spayed and neutered 34 dogs and cats.

Each clinic is attended by last year students from University of San Carlos in Guatemala City.
They come to get hands on experience working in a clinic. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students and it is a great help for Dr. Miguel and Mayan Families.

In exchange for this opportunity they bring a big bag of dried dog food .
This dog food is then divided into small bags and we give each person who has brought an animal to be operated on, a bag to take home to help the dog recover its strength after the operation.

Some of the dogs are very emaciated and we have to send food home and ask the owner to feed the dog and then next month bring it back to be operated.

We also collect homeless dogs off the street, operate on them, vaccinate them and then return them to the street. The technique that is being used to spay and neuter is from the Mckee foundation in Costa Rica. It is very non invasive. The dogs need just one shot of antibiotics before they go home and they are usually perfectly fine.

This makes it so much easier to spay and neuter street dogs . The method we were using before , the animals had to have antibiotics for 10 days. Even if the dogs had owners it was very difficult to make sure that the owners would give the dogs their medications.

If you would like to sponsor a dog or cat to be spayed or is $20 US , if you would like to include a vaccination, it is another $10 US.
If you would like to make a donation in honor of a beloved pet, we would be happy to put a photo and notice on our website.

Our next clinic is on October 31st.

Veterinarians and vet. techs are always welcome to come and volunteer.
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