Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Humane Ed. classes in Guatemala.

Every week , Helen , who is the director of the Hope for the Animals program , spends at least three days a week at the schools, talking to children, showing them videos from World Society Protection of Animals...which Mayan Families, Hope for the Animals...is a member.

These classes are so important to teach children respect for animals and along with that respect for human life.

These classes have a simple message but it is one that most of these children have never heard. It is that animals need ..and deserve to have, food, water, shelter and to be treated with affection and respect.

Helen talks to the children about using collars and leashes...which Mayan Families gives to dogs when they are brought into be spayed. We really appreciate any donations that will help us to be able to continue to give out collars. Otherwise dogs are tied up with rope or in some cases, wire. Just this week I saw a dog that had been tied with wire around its neck, the whole throat was lacerated and the dog was in terrible shape.

In these classes we also spread the word about bringing their dogs and cats to the monthly clinic to be spayed or neutered.

These clinics are free and we encourage people to make a donation if they are able to help with the costs.

To spay or neuter an animal it is $20 US , to also include a vaccination against distemper and parvo virus, it is $30. Mayan Families vaccinates each dog who comes to the clinic with a free rabies shot.
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