Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three little kittens in Guatemala.

This is what I have been doing in my spare time! These three little kittens were thrown into a trash can when they were probably a day old. A kind woman found them in the trash can, wrapped them in fabric , put them in a box and brought them to us.

I had little hope that they would survive but now 2 weeks later they are all still alive and putting on weight.

Thanks to Caroline Tiffin for bringing baby kitten bottles and kitten formula to us from the U.S. ...it has made a huge difference to them.

They are not out of the woods yet but they now have their eyes open, they purr as soon as I pick them up to feed them.

We have tried not to become attached to them but they are so sweet! We hope that we will be able to find good homes for them.

Anyone want to take a cat home with them ?
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