Monday, April 11, 2011

Clinic news

Caroline, thank you so much! This is so nice of you. It is a big job and it takes a lot of us to get it done each month but when we first started I had to bribe people to come by giving them a pair of shoes or a t.shirt or something, now we don't have to do that, and people come willingly. That I feel is amazing and is due to a lot of the education classes that we do at the schools. Helen goes to schools 2-3 times a week and gives talks to children about how to treat animals and how to look after them and encourages people to bring their dogs and cats to spay and neuter.
I wish we could afford to spread this program further but it is so hard to come up with the funds for it. We have people from all over Guatemala asking us to come there and do clinics.
I got a complaint from someone the other day when I posted on Facebook about all the dogs and cats we have that are needing a home. I jokingly said that the dogs were all bilingual and that they could go to the U.S. and Canada....she took a lot of offense at this and said that when children are starving we shouldn't be promoting the animals. It is a fine line because I know that a lot of people will feel the same way but we are not going to animal lovers you just can't . The suffering is too much and while we are just a drop in the bucket, we will keep on dropping!!! :)
Thanks for your encouragement!

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  1. Keep up the great work Sharon. I love both your blogs and love seeing all the work you do. I respect that not only do you help the people of Guatemala, but the animals. The animals need help too and they do not deserve to be forgotten. Sorry about someone giving you a hard time on FB about opening your heart to the pets. Sometimes people just do not understand that pets need our help and they also live, breathe and feel pain. God bless you for not forgetting about the pets who do not have a voice to ask you for help.

    Martina Turner