Friday, August 12, 2011

Spay and Neuter Clinic by Mayan Families in Guatemala

Last month we held a parade in town in Panajachel.. It was to promote
vaccinating your animal with Rabies vaccine and also to spay and
neuter to reduce the amount of unwanted animals suffering in the

The parade was a huge success.  We held a spay and neuter clinic the
next day and operated on lots of dogs and cats.

The Mayor of San Andres Semebetaj contacted us after the parade and he
asked if we would come and do the same thing in his town.

We were very happy to be able to do that.

On Tuesday we held a large parade with the help of the children from
the elementary school in San Andres and also the children from the
Mayan Families/Mission Guatemala Pre-school in San Andres.

On Wednesday we held the spay and neuter clinic and had 28 mostly dogs
...but a few cats....come along.

The clinic was held at the local community health center. The Mayor
and all the people involved were so helpful.
They have a very big problem with lots of dogs in the streets, we saw
several packs when we first arrived.

We are very happy to help with this problem and wish that we had the
funds to be able to do these clinics daily.

If you would like to help us stop the amount of unwanted animals in
the street and all the terrible suffering that they endure....please
help with a small donation.
It is $25 US for us to spay /neuter an animal.   This prevents so much
future suffering.

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