Thursday, April 5, 2012

Francesa was found in Guatemala

I am happy to tell you that Francesa was found and she is  now back with her puppies!
We also had a mother cat brought to us yesterday with five kittens....two of them so weak they could  not lift their heads. We have them at the vet ...he thinks it is just from lack of food and maybe they will survive. The kittens are about 4 weeks old.   We have the mother and the three other kittens in a big cage and they seem to be doing o.k.  
 We had a man come from Guatemala city earlier this week who wanted to adopt a very young kitten....he said he would be happy to bottle feed it ...but we didn't have any.  Yesterday when these kittens arrived Jonathon called him.... ( Jonathon helps look after all the animals...he is Amelia's son... he is 18 yrs old.)  and to our great surprise , this man is coming all the way from Guatemala city by public bus today to pick up one of the kittens.   I think anyone who is willing to do that on a public holiday...when the buses will probably be very busy...will make a great kitten daddy!
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