Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Louie

Louie, the one eyed kitty is the only one that survived of three kittens.

Louie is a an adorable kitten and our daughter, Aleeya loves him and is giving him lots of cuddles and love while he is waiting for his surgery.

Louie's bad eye is infected and we are giving him antibiotic drops 6 times a day.
We are hoping that he will be able to put on enough weight to have his operation. At the moment, Louie only weights 1lb 1oz...he needs to gain at least another 2lb to be able to survive the operation. The problem is that Louie is in danger of the infection causing meningitis in his brain.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will stay healthy until he is able to be operated.

Louis is part of our animal program.....please donate to help animals like Louie.
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