Friday, September 11, 2009

Puppies finding homes!

These two puppies were part of the litter that we rescued from the market in Panajachel.
The mother, a street dog, had given birth underneath the staircase at the market and the puppies were a nuisance.

It was decided that on Sunday the puppies would be thrown into the trash truck and taken to the dump and that the mother would be poisoned.
One of the women who works at the market, is the mother of one of our sponsored students and she felt very sorry for the mother and pups. She called us asking if we could rescue them .

We went down the afternoon before they were set to be thrown away and brought them back to the pre-school. They have been in an enclosure and have grown very fat and healthy. They have all been spayed and neutered and vaccinated.

They have brought so much joy to the children at the pre-school and we have been showing the children there what is the correct way to treat a puppy and how they need love, food and shelter.

Out of the six puppies , we have only one left and the mama dog.

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